How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market


The casino is a pulsating, colorful place that’s designed to get you spending money. The lights flash, music blares and coins clinking are all meant to create an exciting, fun environment for players to let their hair down and play games like blackjack and poker. But despite the fun atmosphere, a casino is also a dangerous place.

It’s happened to all of us: We stride into the Luxor, Mohegan Sun or Tropicana armed with a wallet full of cash and plans for a little gaming and maybe a couple rounds of drinks. Hours later, we have no idea what time it is, how many drinks we’ve had or what the heck happened to our money.

Unlike most movies about Vegas that just skim the surface, Scorsese’s Casino digs deep into the history of Las Vegas and its mob ties, laying bare the complicated web of corruption that ran through the city. It’s an epic story of greed and betrayal that features unforgettable performances by a cast led by Robert De Niro as the cold, vicious mobster Don Rickles. But he’s not alone—Sharon Stone is equally brilliant as the sexy, brash Ginger McKenna and Joe Pesci delivers an intense performance as the tough-guy Santoro.

With the competition for gamers growing, casinos are struggling to find ways to stand out from the crowd. They rely on marketing to attract potential customers, but a crowded market makes it difficult for brands to differentiate themselves. To stand out, a casino needs to do more than just offer better odds on games and slots—it must be able to tell its unique story and connect with the people it wants to reach.

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